Want to increase your brand’s relevancy? Partner up with tween YouTube stars

vma youtube 520x446 Want to increase your brands relevancy? Partner up with tween YouTube stars

YouTube has become a vehicle for more distribution of trailers than before because of the ease in sharing and in social media distribution, one digital marketing executive explained to TheWrap. See video: Will Google and Microsoft Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is? Studios want materials for potential blockbusters like Man of Steel or The Amazing Spider-Man 2, to reach as many people as possible. They mount an entire social campaign around the launch of a trailer, spreading assets to Instagram and Twitter that link back to the trailer. YouTube is a social network of its own one of the largest in the world and the YouTube player makes it easy for news outlets and fans to embed the video and share across their social networks. Facebook is the exception: Because YouTube uploads dont show up as well in user feeds as video uploaded directly to that social media site, studios often upload the video directly to Facebook as well. While YouTube and Facebook share all kinds of data about views and the spread of a particular video, Apple has not been as open about sharing such information. A few different executives labeled them a difficult partner. Everyones goal is to have a really viral piece of content, Barrick said.
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We also partnered with Simon Cowells company Syco for You Generation (a talent competition), which is being run by us. Were not making content but doing platform management. But you do make content? We have a production team internally that lead and manages our progmraming channels. YouTube is akin to DirecTV or BSkyB. Its a platform upon which content channels sit and we manage and run a large number of channels. Outside of North America, we are YouTubes biggest partner for generating revenue on the platform. So what else should people know about Base 79? We’re growing quickly with several hundred channels. We get 700 million views a month and increase our partners viewing in six weeks by 170 percent.
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YouTube Content Partners Want to Reduce Their Reliance on the Video Site

The video was Anthonys retelling of his evening at the event in the typical format in which he creates YouTube videos to his subscribers. In a sense, it was an organic commercial about his experience with MTV celebrities and attendees at the awards shows. Invite select YouTube celebrities to your next event to document their experience and share whats happening behind the scenes with their audiences. For the cost of their attendance, travel and hotel accommodations, your brand can help spur the creation of user-generated content that can be seen by thousands and sometimes millions of relevant teenagers days and weeks after the event about your event but most importantly, about your business. Build an engaging contest around a stars core audience The most engaging type of advocate partnerships are those that not only involve a YouTube star, but involves their audience to participate in a branded contest. Host a contest on behalf of your business that requires participants to enter by creating and uploading a specific YouTube video or other form of content on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere across social media. A tween YouTube star is an effective way of gaining visibility for a contest amongst the teen demographic. YouTube star Blair Fowler has been a longtime fan of LOreal mascara, often referencing it in her beauty tutorials and other videos throughout the years. LOreal approached Blair to create a video about the contest they were hosting as a means of driving more engagement to their promotional contest from her vast audience of teenage girls.
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How Can YouTube Partners Make More Money? Ask Base79

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Meanwhile, disputes between content owners and distributors over financial terms are endemic to the media biz: Witness the public feuds between pay TV operators and programmers over licensing fees, which have resulted in dozens of channel blackouts over the past several years. YouTubes cut is simply the price of admission to the worlds biggest video platform, said Peter Csathy , CEO of Manatt Digital Media Ventures, which advises and invests in media companies. Its up to the content creator whether to accept those terms or not, he said.
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DreamWorks, YouTube Partner for Daily Series

Jeffrey Katzenberg

YouTube Nation is said to be a daily highlight reel of what content is trending on the digital platform, based on its own proprietary data in a syndicated, news-style format similar to TVs TMZ or comedic web series =3. The report further contends that insiders say the series is expected to draw attention to the growing amount of YouTubes partner-generated content, ranging from big media company offerings to indie projects. To achieve this, digital industry watchers believe YouTube Nation will have home page real estate on the site. The passion project conceived by YouTube programming chief Robert Kyncl and DreamWorks CCO Jeffrey Katzenberg is the latest move to diversify DWAs content, following big original series deals with Netflix and RTL. The studio has also previously snapped up fast-growing YouTube multichannel network AwesomenessTV. Reps for both co-producers declined to comment.
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